How Incontinence Oostomy Care Can Help

29 Mar

Many women are uncomfortable when it comes to talking about incontinence and an ostomy is one method of dealing with this problem. However, there are also other issues involved when dealing with incontinence and an ostomy may not be the best option for a patient. It is important that both you and your physician are on the same page before proceeding with this type of treatment, click here for more. The following are some of the benefits and risks of this form of fecal incontinence surgery.
One of the main concerns of many patients is being able to manage incontinence. This is a concern that is unique to fecal incontinence. An ostomy fits the patient and allows them to have a straighter silhouette as they will no longer be carrying around a bulky bag of fecal matter. When a person is dealing with this type of incontinence their health and their bladder are at stake. They can develop problems with depression as they feel as though they can't control their body.
Another benefit of an incontinence ostomy is that it helps the patient to eliminate embarrassment from their body. Many patients are ashamed of their condition and they are uncomfortable sharing this information with their physician. When a patient has incontinence they often try to hide it and this can lead to further problems. When a fecal matter can be removed, the patient will feel more comfortable when it comes to talking about their condition.
Incontinence can also cause low self esteem in patients. Patients often feel as though they cannot perform everyday tasks like going to the store or going to work because they are embarrassed by their condition. However, when a patient undergoes incontinence care they can go to the store or go to work without feeling self-conscious. They will be able to accomplish everyday tasks that they might otherwise be unable to do because of their condition.
There are many different incontinence ostomy options available for patients who suffer from fecal incontinence. The size and location of the opening will determine the size of the opening and how large of a hole the patient will need to have in order to release their waste. A good rule of thumb is to look at the size of the opening on the bathroom door before determining the best incontinence ostomy option for the patient. Learn more about peristeen plug. Once the patient has a size and location selected they can discuss the procedure with the doctor.
Once a fecal incontinence ostomy is performed the patient will no longer have to worry about their bodily waste being on the floor and making any other guests uncomfortable. With the help of their caregiver(s) the patient can return to normal living as quickly as possible. The patient will no longer have to deal with the embarrassment or humiliation of having a clogged or blocked bowel movement. The person will also no longer have to clean up their accident when they get to their house, since the opening used to drain bodily waste will be unobstructed. Learn more from

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